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About Us

Driem Collective is a collective of musicians passionate about performing live electronic global dance music. Festivals played at include Pachena Bay, Valhalla, Otherworld, Woodstove & Belonging Music Festival.

:: Driem ::

Driem (Aaron Handford) is a producer of organic electronica, deep house & downtempo bass whose festival credits include Burning Man, Burn In The Forest, Otherworld, & SubLunar and releases on the Visionary Shamanics label.

:: Éric Boucher ::

Passionate about sound, rhythms and music since his birth, Eric Boucher stepped into drumming and journeyed on hand-drums through multiple styles from all over the world. Over the last 27 years, fascinated by reggae, latino jazz, tribal music from the African diaspora, afro-funk, a great variety of Arabic, Persian and Indian music as well as many other styles.

:: Alicia Lumb ::

The didgeridoo came into Alicia's life during a time of transition and learning how to play the didge became a form of meditation, healing, and expression of what she was feeling. Alicia owns her own Art business called Art Adventures where she teaches art to all ages, and she lives and breathes art, music and creativity in all forms.

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